Thai Hom Mali Rice originates in Thailand and such local variety is blessed with natural fragrance. Thai Hom Mali Rice is a long and slender kernel. The grain, after it is cooked is known for its unique texture and Jasmine scented fragrance, making it popular both in Thailand and foreign countries. Thai Hom Mali Rice is mostly grown in the Northeastern part of Thailand and can be harvested only once a year.

Thai White Rice is a long grain type. When cooked, the grains tend to be separated, and are light and fluffy. White Rice can be grown throughout the country, but the most popular area is the Central part of Thailand. Unlike Jasmine rice, White rice can be harvested two or the three times a year.

Thai Jasmine Rice is a new choice for budget-oriented consumers. The qualities of fragrance, stickiness and softness of Jasmine Rice are close to those of Hom Mali Rice.

Broken Rice Broken Jasmine Rice and Broken White Rice are by-products from a rice milling process. Broken rice is used as raw material for rice flour, which is the main ingredient to make noodles, rice vermicelli and rice porridge.

Brown Rice / Cargo Rice is produced by only at the hulling process so it still has high nutrition such as Fiber, Vitamin B, Carbohydrate and Protein. In the past, consumers prefer to consume more brown rice. Brown rice is also a main ingredient for Macrobiotic food.



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Special Product for Export


For : Rice lovers with the rubber. Along with a soft and sticky prices. For those who love rice and onions are very soft. And is ideal for making soup.

Identity : Selected pure rice. Jasmine rice with Thai territory. From cultivated areas in the Northeast. Always maintain rice quality by natural processes. Chemical free. And quality crafted with modern technology.

Selection : China Only
Kinds of Rice

Hom Mali 100% (new rice season)

How to Cook

Rice, 1 part water, 1 to 1.3 parts.


5kgs Red Foil bag (Giant)

Vacumm bag